Dr. Ihab Abdelgawad Al-Faidy, Imam of ICGK, since 2013 till present, He is also President of Aman Institute for Youth Intellectual Security, and former director of The Islamic Understanding Institute, Panama City, Florida, 2011-2012, originally instructor at Al-Azhar Institutes, Cairo; Egypt since 1991-2010, has PhD in Islamic Theology; Topic (Intellectual Security for Youth in North America) He speaks Arabic, English and Spanish, has A. B in Islamic Theology at Al-Azhar University , A.B in Spanish Language at Al-Azhar University & A.B in English Language as a second language at Helwan University , Cairo Egypt, Master Degree in Islamic Theology, Hafez Quran, He has great expectations about auxiliary youth to overcome current challenges which they face in their life; such as: behavioral deviations, religious misunderstanding which lead to extremism  and violence.